Edzell Golf Club

April 27th

Another setback in the weather

Another setback in the weather

Hard frost this morning!!

Hard frost this morning!!


New pathway material installed at the 1st

The 3rd with the new surface, a mix of rubber crumb and epoxy resin

Lastly, the 16th

Tree Planting

Planting next to the 13th

Four copses have been planted at the 13th. We have also underplanted between the 5th, 6th and 7th holes

Traffic Control

This is why we use posts and rope!

Sign and a white line, makes little difference!

Without traffic management ie. posts and rope, people will keep on using the same route until it is worn away to nothing and then complain about it!!

Another example of walking through a white line, so much so that the line has been worn away. I don't like using posts and rope or hoops, but I hate worn and muddy areas far more!





































































Your understanding and cooperation would be very much appreciated.



A better view of the 15th
















And after!

Phase 2 Update


From this

To this





























It’s been a fight against the weather, but 1800m2 of turf later, we’ve made it!

Well done to the guys, great job!!


More phase 2

new mounding on the 9th fairway bunker

New mounding on the 9th fairway bunker

turf back down at the 9th, still a section to finish off

Bunkers at the 15th turfed

Last of the rolled up turf going back down at the 15th yellow tee.Great effort from the guys, it's been a hectic 3 weeks and plenty more to come. Well done team!!

Phase 2

work starts on the 15th banking

Excavations well underway

Turf going back down on 15th with new bunkers placed on the fairway

The banking at the 9th shaped up


Moss Control

As moss encroachment was a major concern last winter, we are doing some work early to try and eradicate the moss before the weather gets damper and colder, ie weather that favours moss development.

The greens were sprayed two weeks ago with a product which inhibits the moss.

On Monday we will lightly scarify the greens.

Followed up by a light top dress and brush.

Finally they will be sprayed with some nitrogen and seaweed to aid the recovery.

Scarifying and blowing the debris straight behind

The green after scarification, with good growth this should heal very quickly


Bee Hive!!

Our bee hive arrived by post!

We have received a bee hive as part of a package with wild flower seeds, these have been sown on an area in the clear fell. Read More »


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